Guide to Locking Down a Mobile Computer with SOTI MobiControl

Trying to lockdown a mobile computer with SOTI MobiControl to restrict users to only specific applications? Our IT Specialist will show you step-by-step how to lockdown your mobile computers! If you have any questions, call us at (800) 585-9030.


  1. Launch SOTI's MobiControl software and select 'Profiles' from the top left menu on the main dashboard.
  2. Click 'New Profile', select 'Android Work Managed', and name the profile.
  3. In 'Configurations', add 'Authentication', set a password, then add 'Lockdown' to the configurations.
  4. In the Lockdown configuration, click the plus sign to add an application to the home screen. Add a display name.
  5. In the 'Package Name of Script File or URL' section, type Launch:// and provide the package name for the application (can be obtained from the software vendor or Applications tab on the device dashboard after installation).
  6. Save the settings and select 'Save and Assign'. Choose the group or individual devices where the profile will be assigned, then click 'Assign'.
  7. Go back to the device's dashboard, click on the device, and go to the 'Configurations' tab. Verify that the 'Authentication' profile and 'Lockdown' have been installed.
  8. If you wish for visual confirmation, use the 'Remote Control' setting. This will open a new tab and show the lockdown screen.
  9. Check the device to ensure the lockdown has been implemented correctly.

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