Our Approach


Here at Liberty Systems, the wireless warehouse is our world. Our goal is to walk with you through the process and find the perfect solution for you. Let me illustrate how that works:

Living in Minnesota, we try to make the most of the winter. Recently I decided to get into skiing (I know nothing about skiing). So I went to a local shop and asked the salesperson what I needed. At the first shop, the guy dove into products and told me all kinds of stuff about skis, boots, bindings and more. He showed me dozens of options. I walked out overwhelmed, my head spinning.

Then I went to another shop, and the salesperson started by asking me questions. He asked about my experience on skis, how fast I like to go, how often I’ll be skiing. He was gauging my preferences and expectations. Then he recommended one product and explained why it was perfect for me. I walked out with a new pair of skis, confident and ready to hit the slopes.

This story shows two different approaches to business. Anybody can sell products, but at Liberty, we sell solutions.

We’ve been meeting warehouse logistics needs since 1999. We know how technology can improve efficiency, increase capacity and boost your bottom line. We know how to make it all work together—the network that’s free of dead spots, the software that’s fast and easy to use, the scanner that can save you tenths of a second.

I didn’t found this company to pitch products. I want to help your company operate better, and that doesn’t happen simply with products. It happens by asking questions and anticipating needs. It happens with the experienced and knowledgeable application of those products.

At the end of the day, it’s not about making a sale. It’s about making it work.

That’s our promise to you—a warehouse that works.


Saxe Roberts
Founder & CEO