Manufacturers are notorious for long delays, invisible processes and zero communication. We understand your frustration—so we’ve got the answer: LibertyCare.

We’ll be your concierge for repair services.

LibertyCare exists to manage your repairs, advocate on your behalf and give you solutions before problems become disasters. And the best part: You don’t pay a thing. It’s included in every deal. We don’t charge extra for good service.

  • Customer Advocate

    We’ll tackle problem resolution, missing serial numbers, contract discrepancies and more. That will get your equipment back in your hands faster, saving you time and money.

  • Portal Website

    Know where your equipment is and when you’ll get it back. You can track repairs, access serial number history, create forms and check invoice data, all in one spot. Plus, we’ll track data to help you make smarter decisions on future purchases.

  • Double Check

    Configuration mistakes and incorrect serial numbers often lead to repair headaches. Let someone who knows what to look for double check so you can avoid those problems.

  • Shipping Logistics

    We’ll get your repaired equipment back to wherever you need it to be, even if you have multiple locations.

Additional Services

Need even more help? We offer a hot spare pool, mobile device management and post-repair configuration for an additional fee. Give us a call for details.

LibertyCare is a standard part of every contract. Let us worry about repairs.

We’ve spent years honing this knowledge and experience so we can make life easier for you. That’s how we do business. We call it The Liberty Way, and it means you can get back to doing what you do best.

Call 1-800-585-9030 to engage your dedicated repair advocate and experience LibertyCare today.