18 Sep 2023


Zebra Android 13: Things to Know

Zebra is shipping devices with Android 13 and updating compatible ones. Transitioning to Android 13 introduces changes, notably with StageNow barcodes. This article summarizes transitioning Zebra devices to Android 13.

30 Aug 2023


5 Reasons to Use Certified Zebra Supplies for Your Printers

If you utilize Zebra printers in your warehouse or manufacturing facility, you likely go through a substantial amount of labels, tags, and ribbons. But not all supplies are created equal. There are compelling reasons to use certified Zebra supplies over third party or generic alternatives. Here are five benefits you’ll realize by using Zebra-brand consumables:

6 Aug 2023


Consumer vs. Enterprise Tablets: Which to Use in the Warehouse

When choosing tablets for the warehouse, opting for enterprise-grade devices like Zebra and Honeywell products provides durability, battery life, scanning, and overall lower TCO compared to consumer tablets.

17 Jul 2023


A Review of the JLT6012 Vehicle Computer

In this resource, we explore the JLT6012, a vehicle-mounted computer built specifically with the warehouse in mind. This rugged device boasts a multitude of impressive features, including a large screen and dual-band antennae that ensure seamless connectivity.

5 Jul 2023


Honeywell CK65 vs Intermec CK3X: A Deep Dive

In this article, we compare the Honeywell CK65 vs Intermec CK3X, discuss their shared features and key differences, and help you understand why you might consider upgrading.

29 Jun 2023


Maximize ROI with Advanced RFID Integration

In this webinar, Liberty Systems and Zebra teamed up to discuss the benefits of RFID technology, particularly when combined with Xemelgo software. This integration enhances inventory management and supply chain visibility, eliminating manual tracking, boosting ROI, and providing end-to-end visibility.