1 Nov 2023

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Built for the Warehouse: Zebra’s Rugged ET60/65 Tablet

We put the Zebra ET60 through multiple rounds of drop tests, and it passed with flying colors. Watch the drop test and read our review of this brand-new enterprise-level tablet.

17 Oct 2023


Modernize the Warehouse with StayLinked’s SmartTE

SmartTE from StayLinked modernizes legacy terminal emulation technology to boost productivity. This article explores how it persists connections, simplifies management, delivers modern UIs, and supports any device.

3 Oct 2023


Leveraging RFID: How Strategic Integration Improves Warehouse Operations

In a recent interview with BlueFletch, Clint Larsen shared best practices for advanced RFID integration. By following this guidance, warehouses can fully harness RFID’s full potential across inventory, shipping, receiving, and more.

18 Sep 2023


Zebra Android 13: Things to Know

Zebra is shipping devices with Android 13 and updating compatible ones. Transitioning to Android 13 introduces changes, notably with StageNow barcodes. This article summarizes transitioning Zebra devices to Android 13.

30 Aug 2023


5 Reasons to Use Certified Zebra Supplies for Your Printers

If you utilize Zebra printers in your warehouse or manufacturing facility, you likely go through a substantial amount of labels, tags, and ribbons. But not all supplies are created equal. There are compelling reasons to use certified Zebra supplies over third party or generic alternatives. Here are five benefits you’ll realize by using Zebra-brand consumables:

6 Aug 2023


Consumer vs. Enterprise Tablets: Which to Use in the Warehouse

When choosing tablets for the warehouse, opting for enterprise-grade devices like Zebra and Honeywell products provides durability, battery life, scanning, and overall lower TCO compared to consumer tablets.