Faster Warehouse Scanning with Zebra TC21 & RFD40 RFID

How much time did your last inventory count take? How many errors were there? Imagine significantly cutting that time while achieving near-perfect accuracy. We're excited to introduce a RFID solution that's set to transform how you handle inventory in retail spaces, warehouses, and beyond. In this post, we review the Zebra TC21 paired with the RFD40 RFID Reader - a powerful combination that can revolutionize your inventory management. 

The Power of RFID 

Our RFID solution features the Zebra TC21 mobile computer and the RFD40 RFID sled. This combination allows you to quickly scan RFID tags while still using all the functions of a mobile computer, such as barcode scanning, team communication, and push-to-talk.

With the ability to conduct over 1300 tag reads per second, this solution can dramatically reduce your inventory count times and provide real-time stock insights. Let's explore how this RFID technology can transform your operations and impact your bottom line.

Key Features and Benefits

1. Lightning-Fast Inventory Counts

Capture hundreds of RFID tags in seconds by simply waving the reader. This speed allows for:

  • Dramatically reduced inventory count times
  • Easy comparison between actual inventory and your ERP system
  • More frequent inventory and cycle counts without disrupting operations
  • Improved overall inventory accuracy

2. Precise Product Location

Quickly find specific items. It's like a Geiger counter for your inventory:

  • Select the product you're looking for
  • Walk around with the reader (hot and cold)
  • The device indicates if you're getting closer or farther from the item
  • Locate products within a few feet of accuracy

3. All-in-One Solution

Equip your workers with a truly robust tool. Our RFID solution offers:

  • RFID reading capabilities
  • Traditional barcode scanning
  • Push-to-talk communication
  • Email and messaging functionality

RFID in Action: A Speed Comparison

To demonstrate the incredible efficiency of our RFID solution, we did a side-by-side comparison (see above video) with traditional barcode scanning:

Barcode Scanning:

  • Time taken: 3-4 seconds
  • Items scanned: 5

RFID Scanning:

  • Time taken: 1-2 seconds
  • Items scanned: 35
  • Total tag reads: Nearly 1,800

This remarkable speed and accuracy demonstrate how RFID technology can revolutionize your inventory management processes. 

Is RFID Right for Your Business?

RFID technology offers significant advantages for businesses of all sizes, particularly those dealing with large inventories, frequent stock movements, or complex supply chains. If you're looking to:

  • Reduce the time and labor costs associated with inventory management
  • Improve inventory accuracy and reduce discrepancies
  • Enhance your ability to locate specific items quickly
  • Streamline your overall operations

Then our Zebra TC21 with RFD40 RFID Reader solution could be the perfect fit for your business.

Try These Product Out for 30 Days on Us

Reading about the benefits is one thing, but experiencing the power of RFID firsthand is truly eye-opening. That's why we're offering you the opportunity to try out this innovative solution for yourself with a free 30-day demo.

Contact Liberty Systems today to arrange your personalized demo or to discuss a trial period with our RFID solution. Our team of experts, including Clint and Seth, is ready to help you explore how this technology can transform your inventory management processes and drive your business forward.