Zebra TC21

Zebra TC21

Ultimate Low Cost Touch Computer

Brand: Zebra
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The Zebra TC21 is the ultimate low cost touch computer. With multiple configurations at different price points you will only pay for the features your workers need. The WiFi-only TC21 is perfect for workers within the four walls of your business, and for workers on the field, try the WiFi/cellular TC26.

Mobility DNA tools are preloaded on your device and with the familiarity of Android your workers will be able to use this device right out of the box with virtually no training. Lightweight and easy to operate with one hand, your workers will have no issue handling this device. With Zebra’s most powerful Ultimate Series platform the TC21 is able to run today’s demanding applications simultaneously. 

While the TC52 is the most rugged option, the TC21 is built to be used in business. It is waterproof (IP67), dustproof, resistant to drops to concrete from up to 4 ft. It can operate from 14°F-122°F and be stored from -22°F-158°F.  The TC21 has the most options in its class including: a removable single or multi-shift battery, an optional wrist-mount for a handsfree solution, SE4710, SE4100 scanning lenses or 13 MP camera, and the option of adding a 5 MP front camera for video calls. 

Hundreds of mobility extensions for security improvement, data capture support, device manageability are available as well. With StageNow you can stage your devices for use in seconds. You can easily control the applications and features that your workers can access and sending barcodes captured with the scanner is a snap with Zebra’s DataWedge. The optional Mobility DNA Enterprise License delivers high quality voice capabilities over WiFi and helps you take productivity and device management to a new level with a powerful data toolkit.

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