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Brand: Zebra
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StageNow is Zebra's free staging software for its mobile computers. This software helps you initializtion your settings and applications on all your devices by simply scanning a barcode. Now, your IT department and administrators can initialize settings and applications on all devices with a quick scan of a barcode. Using the StageNow computer software, technicians create configuration barcodes. These barcodes can configure many different settings on the devices, including configuring a new device, enroll in MDM, manage application(s) and wiping a device. Technicians select what they want to configure, then follow the guided steps to generate a barcode. After the barcode is generated, simply scan the barcode with the device or devices to be configured and everything is set.

With the quick scan of a barcode, you can...

  • Rollout 1, 5, 50, or even 100 new devices
  • Configure units returning from repair
  • Change WiFi settings
  • Add a new profile
  • Factory Reset a device.

By scanning a barcode for staging, you save time and energy so your devices can be deployed as quickly as possible.

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