How to Install Applications on Zebra Devices with StageNow

Installing applications on Zebra Android devices can seem complex, but with StageNow it's streamlined and efficient. In this simple guide, we will walk through the process of creating a StageNow barcode for a Microsoft Teams installation.

Step-by-Step Installation

  1. Open StageNow: Start by launching the StageNow application.
  2. Create a New Profile: Click on ‘Create New Profile’ and select the appropriate MX level for the devices you are targeting. This ensures compatibility across different versions of Android devices.
  3. Enter Profile Details: Name your profile, for example, "Microsoft Teams Installation."
  4. Add Components: Your barcode needs two key components:
    • File Manager: To transfer the Microsoft Teams installation file from your PC or a server to the device.
    • App Manager: To manage the installation of the app once the file is transferred.
  5. Configure File Manager: Enter the URL of the installation file and specify the target path on the device’s SD card where the file will be stored.
  6. Set Up App Manager: Choose the 'Install' action. If you were updating an existing app, you would select 'Upgrade' instead.
  7. Generate Barcode: Once all details are entered, generate the barcode that will be used to install the app. Ensure the barcode type matches your device and Android version.
  8. Test and Deploy: Always test the barcode on a device to ensure it works as expected. After successful testing, you can roll out the installation across your fleet of devices.

Why Use StageNow?

StageNow simplifies the setup and deployment of applications on Zebra devices, which is essential for maintaining productivity in dynamic environments like warehouses and distribution centers. The ability to quickly deploy and manage applications ensures devices are always equipped with the necessary tools for efficient operation.

Ready to Enhance Your Device Management?

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