An In-Depth Review of the New Zebra MC9400

The Zebra MC9400 continues to set the standard for warehouse mobile computers. In this guide, we'll talk through some of the key features that set this device apart from its competitors. Be sure to watch the below video to see a demonstration of its scanning range and speed.

Built Tough for Harsh Environments

Designed for the real world, the MC9400 delivers unmatched ruggedness. It comes in both the standard and freezer-grade models and can withstand drops from up to 12 feet - the best in the industry! Despite its lightweight, comfort-focused profile, the MC9400 brings hardcore resilience against dust, rain, heat and cold.

Built for Performance

The specs on the MC9400 speak for themselves:

  • A sizable 4.7” display improves visibility for scanning and workflows
  • Ergonomic yet ultra-rugged construction strikes the right balance
  • Cutting-edge SE58 scan engine captures barcodes up to 100’ away
  • An innovative green laser targeting enables quick aiming in bright light
  • 6GB RAM drives smooth operation of apps and web access
  • CBRS, LTE, and WiFi 6 connectivity options for wide coverage
  • Zebra tools like StageNow simplify device management

Backward Compatible Accessories

For those currently using the MC9300, you'll appreciate the easy transition offered by the next-gen MC9400. It’s been designed to use all the same accessories, minimizing costs. There are also significant savings available when you trade in your old devices through the Go Zebra Trade-In Program.

Precision Scanning with Speed

To really showcase scanning range, we tried a live test in our warehouse. The MC9400 instantly captured barcodes from 12 feet high at a distance of 100 feet away. Up close, the advanced engine captured codes instantly as well. This level of versatile scanning power is a genuine game-changer for many mobile workflows.

Future-Ready Technology

With relentless innovation, Zebra has engineered the new performance standard in extreme rugged mobility with the MC9400. Its trifecta of resilience, ergonomics and reliable scanning redefines what's possible for mobile teams operating in demanding warehouse environments. It also comes loaded with Android 13.

Try Out the MC9400 for Yourself

For a limited time, we are offering a 30-day trial of the MC9400. We'll ship it directly to eligible participants, so that you can put it to the test in your warehouse. We're also here for any questions you have about warehouse software and hardware. We'd love to connect with you.