Zebra ZQ320

Zebra ZQ320

Mobile Printer for Up To 3” Wide Receipts

Brand: Zebra
SKU: ZQ320
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The Zebra ZQ320 mobile printer is one of two mobile printers in the ZQ300 Series. Built to print up to 3-inch wide receipts, this mobile printer is versatile and durable. It supports Bluetooth 4.0 Classic and Low Energy and WLAN 802.11ac.  version of the ZQ320 mobile printer.

Part of the ZQ320’s versatility is its ability to be paired with almost any mobile device: any Zebra Bluetooth-enabled mobile computer or any Android, iOS, Windows CE, or Windows Mobile device. This means the ZQ320 can connect with older and new models alike. In addition, if the ZQ320 is connected to an Android device via Bluetooth, the Android device will relay the printer’s metrics and analytics to the mobile device management system (MDM), to either Zebra’s Printer Profile or SOTI MobiControl

Printing in a dusty backroom or outside? The rugged ZQ320 is rated at IP54, which means it is completely sealed against dust and is water resistant. It can also withstand temperatures ranging from 5°F - 122°F and withstand drops up to 5 feet. In addition, the ZQ300 Mobile Printer Series offers an indoor version and an outdoor

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