Operational Intelligence

Operational Intelligence

Honeywell’s Mobile Device Management Software

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Operational Intelligence is Honeywell’s version of a light version of a mobile device management system (MDM). Centralized and cloud-based, this MDM is an affordable option for businesses that do not require a high-end MDM system. With Operational Intelligence, manage the complete lifecycle of devices, batteries, printers, and more so you can make informed decisions about your IT assets, people and tasks. Honeywell offers three levels of Operational Intelligence Performance Solutions to best meet your needs.

Recover Lost Mobile Computers

With Performance Professional, Device Tracker locates missing devices with WiFi or cellular. Then with the Device Finder App, Bluetooth beacon activates the lost device’s beeper so you can quickly locate a misplaced device.

Battery Management

All batteries eventually need to be replaced. Generally businesses replace all the batteries at once, regardless of whether or not a battery actually needs to be replaced. But what if you could save money on battery refresh by being able see the battery analytics for each device? Bad Battery Alert Solution does just that: it analyzes battery usage and notifies you when replacement is needed.

Printer Management

Operational Intelligence reports the media consumption for each printer. In addition, Performance Basic provides key preventative maintenance information, such as when a printhead needs to be cleaned or replaced. With Performance Professional, extend your printer management visibility to include printer media email alerts to managers when printers are low or out of ribbon or media.

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