Intellitrack DMS: Inventory

Intellitrack DMS: Inventory

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IntelliTrack Inventory tracks inventory to a location, tracks lots and expiration dates, and automates inventory reconciliation.

IntelliTrack software contains user-customizable fields, which allow the user to specify the naming of each field to fit the terminology of their business, to generate user-customized reports, and to log into history the receipt and movement of inventory.

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Features & Benefits of Inventory

Written in Access 2003 and Includes Source Code for the Workstation Application

Users can create custom reports, forms, and queries with Access 2003. 

All Fields are User-Definable

There is almost no limit as to how you can describe Inventory. 

Handheld Portable Scanner Support

Quick and accurate physical inventory. Move inventory between sites and locations 

Portable Time and Date Stamp

Know when you last moved or inventoried an item. 

Items are Tracked to a Location

You will know exactly what you have and where it is located. 

Maintains a Complete History of an Item's Life Cycle

View where an item has been as well as changes to the inventory count. 

Serial #, Lot Tracking, Expiration Dates

Important in electronics, pharmaceuticals, laboratories, and others. 

Prints Bar Codes

Print item, location, and custom bar code labels 


Imports or exports ASCII or text data for shared use with other software systems. 

12 Pre-Loaded Reports

Gives you meaningful information so that you can make informed decisions. 

Exception Reporting

Find out what is missing. Helps to identify shrinkage and maintain an accurate inventory. 


Lets you pre-check all of the data prior to updating the main database, ensuring data integrity. 

Security Levels

Usernames and passwords allow you to restrict a user to "view only" access, or five other levels of access. 

Network Support

Lets you deploy the database on a server and access it remotely from a LAN. 

Look-Up Tables

Helps to maintain consistent data and data integrity. 

On-Line Help

Simple and straightforward help on-line. 

Supports Unlimited Sites, Locations, and Items

You can manage an unlimited number of items in unlimited sites and locations. 

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