Honeywell RP2e

Mobile Printer For Up to 2” Wide Labels & Receipts

Brand: Honeywell
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The Honeywell RP2e mobile printer is one of two mobile printers in the RP Mobile Printer Series. It is a direct thermal printer, built to print up to 2-inch wide labels and receipts and prints on multiple types of media. The RP2e’s design is lightweight yet durable and easy to use. It supports Bluetooth 4.0 Classic and Low Energy, WLAN 802.11ac and is NFC-enabled, so users can check printer status and configuration even when the printer loses connection to the internet.

The rugged RP2e is rated at IP54, which means it is completely sealed against dust and is water resistant. It operates over a wide temperature range -4°F - 131°F and withstands drops up to 6.6 feet.  With full-shift power from a single battery, plus hot-swappable batteries, the Honeywell RP2e mobile printer never has to come off the floor. 

Printer Management

Honeywell Operational Intelligence is Honeywell’s light version of a MDM software. Among its many features, Operational Intelligence allows remote control of a device, battery analytics, and the ability to push security updates and file updates. WIth Opertional Intelligence, receive reports about the media consumption for each printer to make informed decisions media supplies. In addition, Operational Intelligence Performance Basic provides key preventative maintenance information, such as when a printhead needs to be cleaned or replaced. Whild Operational Intelligence Performance Professional extends your printer management visibility to include printer media email alerts to managers when printers are low or out of ribbon or media. Learn more about Honeywell’s Operational Intelligence.

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