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Honeywell’s PX940 is a barcode printer with verification technology. For every barcode label it prints, the PX940 automatically assesses its readability according to ANSI grades, tells you the label’s pass/fail status, and voids then reprints any unreadable labels. This printer was specifically designed for companies that require high-precision, error-free printing.  Such companies may face fines for non-compliance to regulatory standards or returned shipments due to unreadable barcodes. 

Featuring extremely precise printing of up to +/- 0.2 mm (0.0079 in.), the PX940 eliminates poor-quality or unreadable labels and barcodes. And as the trend in minimization continues, smaller and smaller labels need to be printed, you can rely on the PX940 to print reliable and verified barcodes and labels every time. 

This verification printer is available in two versions: one with the integrated verifier and one without. Both versions are available with standard features, such as Bluetooth and smart printing capability so that users can configure and rine-tune settings without a host computer.

Honeywell’s PX940 is built from an all-metal construction with a foldable clear media door for easy access to replace media or printheads. It features a 3.5 in. color touch LCD display so workers can adjust printer settings and check printer status. It prints in either thermal transfer or direct thermal mode on a variety of media, including gap and ink-in and in-out ribbons with 1 in. core size, maximizing time between media resupply.

With the PX940 Verification Printer, every barcode is 100% readable every time, according to Honeywell, effectively minimizing the number of fines or returned shipments. And with Honeywell’s Operational Intelligence software, received predictive analytics and data about your printer’s health so you can proactively prevent issues and reduce downtime.

Printer Management

Honeywell Operational Intelligence is Honeywell’s light version of a MDM software. Among its many features, Operational Intelligence allows remote control of a device, battery analytics, and the ability to push security updates and file updates. WIth Opertional Intelligence, receive reports about the media consumption for each printer to make informed decisions media supplies. In addition, Operational Intelligence Performance Basic provides key preventative maintenance information, such as when a printhead needs to be cleaned or replaced. Whild Operational Intelligence Performance Professional extends your printer management visibility to include printer media email alerts to managers when printers are low or out of ribbon or media. Learn more about Honeywell’s Operational Intelligence.

Honeywell PX940 Barcode Label Verification Printer In Action | Liberty Systems

Honeywell PX940 Barcode Label Verification Printer In Action | Liberty Systems

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