How to Eliminate Pre-Printed Thermal Labels

Pre-printed thermal labels have been a staple in the warehouse industry for years. However, they come with several limitations that can be overcome by upgrading to color label printing. At Liberty Systems, we believe that the Epson Colorworks label printers are a great option for warehouses looking to move on from pre-printed thermal labels. 

Here's why:

Print-On-Demand with Color Labels

With color label printing, you no longer have to be limited by pre-printed labels. You can print custom labels as you need them, giving you the flexibility to adapt to changes in your business and helping to avoid the costs and time associated with reordering pre-printed labels. This is particularly important for warehouses where inventory is constantly changing and new items are added regularly.

Effortlessly Update Your Labels

Having the ability to print custom labels on-demand also means you can easily make changes and updates to your labels without having to go through the hassle of reordering pre-printed labels. This saves you time and ensures your labels are always up-to-date. Whether it's a change in product dimensions, a new barcode, or updated product information, you can make the changes quickly and easily with color label printing.

Easily Add Branded Colors and Logos to Your Labels

Color label printing allows you to incorporate your brand colors and logos into your labels, which can help to reinforce your brand and increase brand recognition. This not only looks professional but can also increase the visibility of your products and help to attract more customers.

Save Money By Printing-On-Demand

As was previously noted, on-demand printing provides significant cost savings. Pre-printed labels require a minimum order quantity, which can easily result in a surplus of unused labels. This not only takes up storage space but also wastes money on labels that may never be used. On the other hand, with color label printing, you only print the labels you need, when you need them, which can help to reduce printing costs and minimize waste. 

Example Use Case for Warehouses

Let's say you run a warehouse that specializes in storing and distributing electronics. You receive a shipment of new smartphones and need to create labels for them. With pre-printed thermal labels, you would need to order the correct labels in advance and hope they arrive in time for the shipment. However, with color label printing, you can print custom labels on-demand as soon as the shipment arrives. You can easily incorporate your brand colors, logo, and all the relevant product information, such as barcodes and dimensions, onto the labels. This saves you time and ensures your labels are always accurate and up-to-date.

At Liberty Systems, we are here to help you make the most of your warehouse operations. If you are interested in upgrading to the Epson Colorworks label printers or would like to schedule a demonstration or receive a quote, connect with us.