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Built for the Warehouse: Zebra’s Rugged ET60/65 Tablet

Tablets are becoming ubiquitous on the warehouse floor for activities like inventory management, order picking, and vehicle mounting. But consumer-grade tablets lack the durability required for these industrial use cases. That's where purpose-built rugged devices like Zebra's ET60/65 tablet deliver.

We recently got our hands on the ET60 and were thoroughly impressed by its rugged design. To highlight its resilience, we put it through a series of drop tests.

Key Features of the ET60/65

Before subjecting it to abuse, we highlighted some of the ET60's standout capabilities:

  • 10-inch outdoor-viewable display
  • Withstands 5-foot drops to concrete
  • IP66 sealing against dust and jets of water
  • Freezer-ready (Operating temps from -4°F to 122°F)
  • Vibration resistance for fork truck mounting
  • 20+ hour hot-swappable battery
  • Dual high-gain antennas for seamless roaming
  • Long-range scanning up to 35 feet
  • Available with WiFi, 4G LTE, and CBRS
  • 3 programmable side buttons
  • Variety of carrying and mounting accessories

Testing the ET60/65's Ruggedness

Next, it was time to validate these rugged claims through real-world testing. We started by simply dropping the bare tablet screen-down onto concrete from about 5 feet. The ET60 landed with a thud and skidded across the floor – the screen didn't even scratch.

We upped the ante by sending the tablet tumbling end-over-end down a full flight of stairs. Despite violently bouncing off each step, the ET60 endured no cracks or performance issues. It turned on immediately after as if nothing happened.

Ideal for Any Environment

Seeing the ET60/65 shrug off abusive drops and tumbles reinforced why it's trusted by warehouses, construction sites, and field service teams. Its rugged design enables reliable operation in hot, cold, wet, dirty conditions – no protective case required.

Whether mounted in a freezer, used outdoors in the rain, or dropped in a busy warehouse, the ET60/65 has the brawn and battery life to power workers through a full shift. Its huge accessory ecosystem also allows it to adapt to diverse use cases.

Get Your Hands on the ET60/65

If you're considering refreshing aging vehicle-mount computers or deploying tablets in harsh environments, the ET60/65 delivers the perfect blend of ruggedness, power, and versatility.

Experience the ET60/65 and its durability firsthand by contacting our team. For a limited time, we are offering a free 30-day demo of the product.