Zebra ET60

The ET60 and ET65 represent robust Android tablets designed for enterprise use, excelling in challenging environments such as warehouses and outdoor settings. These tablets offer key features like a high-visibility 1000 nit display for use in sunlight, an ultra-rugged and dust/water-resistant construction, user-replaceable batteries, 5G/WiFi 6E connectivity, integrated barcode scanning, and a range of versatile accessories, enabling them to function as handheld devices, vehicle-mounted units, or 2-in-1 laptop computers. Powered by a potent octa-core processor and equipped with Mobility DNA software tools, these adaptable tablets enhance productivity and efficiency for workers across various industries.

The ET60 and ET65 stand out as the ultimate rugged Android business tablets, meticulously engineered to optimize productivity and efficiency. These tablets are unfazed by the most demanding conditions, including manufacturing plants, warehouses, outdoor environments, extreme temperatures, vibrations, drops, and more. Key features encompass an incredibly bright 1000 nit display for sunlight visibility, Gorilla Glass shielding for the display and scanner window, a Qualcomm® 6490 octa-core 2.7 GHz processor, batteries with super capacitors that are easily removable, cutting-edge 5G and WiFi 6E connectivity, integrated barcode scanning capabilities, and the inclusion of Mobility DNA software tools.

With unparalleled adaptability, these tablets can be wielded as handheld devices, securely mounted in vehicles, or transformed into 2-in-1 laptops. The optional vehicle dock permits secure attachment to forklifts, complete with a heated touchscreen and keyboard. Meanwhile, the friction hinge keyboard seamlessly converts the tablet into a full-fledged laptop for seamless data entry. The ET60 and ET65 epitomize the pinnacle of ruggedness, versatility, and productivity-enhancing features, offering unparalleled empowerment to workers regardless of their location.

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