Zebra ZT411 RFID On-Metal Tagging

Zebra ZT411 RFID On-Metal Tagging

RFID On-Metal Tagging Printer For Up To 4” Wide Labels

Brand: Zebra
SKU: ZT411 RFID On-Metal Tagging Solution
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Zebra’s 4-inch ZT411 RFID On-Metal Tagging Solution industrial printer combines the features of the customer favorite ZT411 with Confidex to let you print and encode thicker metal tags. With its “future proof” rugged design, the new user-friendly ZT411 RFID On-Metal Tagging Solution printer is built with durability in mind to last several years. As your needs evolve, your On-metal ZT411 RFID evolves with you through its upgradeable design so you don’t have to buy a new printer. 

Zebra’s RFID technology is globally certified on six continents to support deployments across complex, multinational supply chains. Its adaptive encoding technology eliminates complex RFID placement guidelines, and variable inlay placements support a range of inlay positions for maximum media technology. The rugged On-metal ZT411 RFID is optimized to print and encode Silverline labels with high-quality Zebra ribbons. Available in four sizes, Silverline labels meet the needs of a wide variety of applications. It also prints and encodes tags with a minimum pitch up 0.6inc./16mm, supporting tags compatible with UHF EPC Gen 2 V2 and ISO 18000-6C.

The rugged Z411 RFID On-Metal Tagging Solution printer is constructed with a metal frame to make it durable for even the most challenging environments. It features an all-new 4.3 inch full-color, touch display. This user-friendly display includes text, animations, and an icon menu so you can easily change printer settings, connectivity options, languages and more. In addition, you can even setup shortcuts for common applications and configurations, which prevents your workers from accidentally messing up the settings when switching printer settings. It can also be easily integrated into your existing AirWatch or SOTI MobiControl device management system.

Knowing that time is essential for operations, Zebra equipped the ZT411 RFID On-Metal Tagging Solution Printer with specific design features to reduce “standby” time, to help you quickly assess and repair the printer on the spot. 

  • Dual USB host ports so you can plug in two things at once, like a memory stick and keyboard or scanner. 
  • When in an error state or paused, the printer’s display is color-coded so you can see what is wrong with it, even at a distance. 
  • The dynamic QR codes projected directly on the display screen give you access to on-the-spot, web-based support, such as videos and manuals. 
  • The inside is lighted, color-coded, with side loading supplies paths for simple installations, media and ribbon replacements.
  • When the printhead element is out, a “printhead element out” detection alert is sent through a remote alert system, reducing wasted labels from a failed printhead element.

Standard connectivity includes: Serial, Ethernet, Bluetooth 4.1, USB and dual USB Host. Or if you need to expand your printer’s connectivity, you can add an applicator interface car, dual band 802.11ac WiFi with Bluetooth 4.1, Parallel and/or Ethernet.

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