Zebra WT6300

Zebra WT6300

Wearable Computer for Hands-Free Mobility

With the expansion of ecommerce and a higher demand in receiving, picking and sorting areas of the warehouse, the Zebra WT6300 is a dependable Android device that meets these higher demands as recommerce grows. Similar to its predecessor the WT6000, the new WT6300 offers improved WiFi and Bluetooth connections, faster application performance, and more processing power. Built on Android 10, it is upgradeable to Android 11. The optional alphanumeric and function keyboard accessory offers support for key-based applications. In addition, the WT6300 is a rugged device, capable of functioning even in freezers or cold storage and is backwards compatible with WT600 accessories.

Wearable computers are susceptible to drops, falls, splashes, scratches, and more every day. Zebra designed the WT6300 as a rugged wearable computer to endure all these scenarios. The display is Corning Gorilla glass, providing scratch and shatter resistance to this vulnerable component. It is completely dust tight and resistant to water (IP65 seal rating). It withstands drops up to 4 feet to concrete across the entire temperature range, from  -22°F up to 122°F. Users have the option to upgrade to extended battery for a battery length that surpasses full-shift. Battery power low? All the WT6300 batteries are hot-swappable, so workers do not lose any time when switching out a low battery.


The design of the WT6300 is ergonomically more comfortable than other handheld devices. Its first in its class mounting system with detachable wrist mount makes the WT6300 safer and more hygienic. Plus, pair either corded or Bluetooth ring scanners with the WT6300. The choice of the RS6000 bluetooth ring scanner improves task speed with programmable LED lights and tap to pair technology that can scan faster and 4x farther with 5x the battery power. Or the RS4000 corded scanner has a low total cost of ownership with accurate first-time capture of barcodes in almost any lighting condition.

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