Zebra VC80 Windows 10 Freezer Grade

Zebra VC80 Windows 10 Freezer Grade

VC80 for Cold Storage: Windows 10 Vehicle Mount Computer

Brand: Zebra
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Zebra’s VC80 Freezer Grade model vehicle computer is a full screen, touchscreen, vehicle mountable computer with a Windows operating system. Mount this durable vehicle computer in your forklifts, cranes, clamp trucks, and more with its various mounting options. Quickly and easily move your VC80 Freezer Grade vehicle computer from one vehicle to another during vehicle maintenance or device repair using the 10-second quick release.

The freezer grade models has all the features of the standard VC80 model but with additional features, such as 

  • An integrated touchscreen heater that evaporates external condensation when moving out of and into freezers
  • Smart temperature sensors that automatically control heater and heating speed
  • And battery heaters

Users can select from three different Windows operating systems for their VC80 Freezer Grade vehicle computer: Windows Embedded Standard 7, Windows 7 Professional, or Windows 10 IoT Enterprise. Each model comes with a mSATA SSD with either 32 GB or 64GB. The Windows 10 comes with 4GB RAM while either of the Windows 7 models come with your choice between 2GB or 4GB RAM.

The VC80 Freezer Grade vehicle computer was designed for durability even in harsh environments, such as outdoor yards, airports, sea ports, railway yards, and the freezer. It has a seal rating of IP66, so it is totally sealed and protected against dust and water from heavy seas or strong jets of water. Even its connectors are sealed, and it was tested for extreme temperature, shock, and vibration. 

To make it easy to input data, the VC80 Freezer Grade vehicle computer was built with six direct and six soft programmable keys to let you execute a multi-step process by pressing only one key. The resistive touchscreen, soft keyboard and haptic vibration feedback make it easy to use a passive stylus or your finger to input data, even when you’re wearing the thickest gloves. In addition, the touchscreen is field replaceable to help you cut back on device down time and get it back up and running as quickly as possible.

Lastly, with the migration from Windows to Android, Zebra has also released an Android version of the VC80 Freezer Grade vehicle computer called the VC80x Freezer Grade vehicle computer.  Click here to learn more about the Android VC80x Freezer Grade model.

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