Zebra TC53

Zebra TC53

Cutting Edge Mobile Computer

Brand: Zebra
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Zebra has introduced the TC53 and TC58, which are the first members of a cutting-edge generation of mobile computers that are designed to provide enhanced capabilities. These devices stand apart due to their novel hardware that redefines mobile computing performance. In addition, they incorporate new sensor technologies and solutions that expand the realm of possibilities, such as mobile payment and parcel dimensioning.

Workers can access information faster and more reliably with the latest wireless technologies, including 5G, Wi-Fi 6E, and CBRS (US only). The TC53 and TC58 boast a class-leading 6-inch screen that enables workers to accomplish more, see more, and scroll less. Furthermore, Zebra's Mobility DNA tools are exclusive to the devices, providing built-in advantages that maximize user productivity and reduce IT complexities throughout the device's lifecycle.

The TC53 and TC58 are even thinner, yet more rugged, thanks to new manufacturing technologies. As a result, these mobile computers represent a new era of data collection, operational efficiency, and workforce productivity. They are driving new possibilities in the realm of mobility.

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