Zebra RFD8500 RFID

Zebra RFD8500 RFID


Brand: Zebra
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Simple and cost-effective - the mobile RFD8500 RFID Reader empowers select Zebra and compatible third-party mobile devices with enterprise-class UHF RFID and 1D/2D barcode scanning. Using Bluetooth, you can pair this self with your mobile device. For a single-hand RFID solution, attach your paired device to the RFD8500 Scanner. You get real investment protection with support for Android, iOS, and Windows. The RFD8500 is unparalleled when it comes to capturing RFID tags or barcodes.

In various environments, your RFD8500 sled will be able to get maximum read/to write speeds and coverage due to AutoMac and Zebra’s patent-pending breakthrough antenna. If a wireless connection is not available you can enable batch mode. This will allow you to collect up to 500 barcodes and/or 40,000 RFID tags. Once a wireless connection is available, you can sync the RFD8500 and it will upload the data. Customer safety and privacy are protected with the latest RFID features. 

For ease of use, the RFID has a unique power-optimizing algorithm that delivers superior battery cycle times for power that lasts an entire shift. It is also compatible with Zebra TC55 charging accessories. Users can also simply tap a button to switch between barcode scanning and RFID modes to maximize the ease of use. Zebra East Text Interface (ZETI) reduces the need to utilize a Software Development Kit (SDK) because it can be used across many OS platforms. 

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