Zebra ET80

Zebra ET80

Zebra ET80 Vehicle Computer

Brand: Zebra
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Every single day, our way of life relies on the dedication of essential workers — from the first responders safeguarding our communities to the field service teams maintaining critical utility infrastructure, and the manufacturing production line workers crafting the products we depend on. These indispensable workers deserve more than just a rugged tablet; they need a tablet specifically crafted for the vital work they undertake. The ET80/ET85 rises to this challenge. With support for advanced wireless connectivity, including WiFi 6E¹, 4G/5G, and more, these tablets ensure that workers stay seamlessly connected to the information and individuals they require throughout every shift.

As workers transition from the field to a vehicle or within a facility, these tablets seamlessly transform into laptops or complete fixed or mobile workstations, adapting to the dynamic needs of the moment. Exclusive Zebra-only software tools enhance collaboration and productivity, taking performance to the next level. Moreover, a plethora of feature options and accessories empower you to tailor the tablet precisely to the requirements of each job. The ET80/ET85 isn't just a tablet; it's mission-critical mobility designed for mission-critical workers.

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