Zebra DS3608-ER

Zebra DS3608-ER

Brand: Zebra
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You asked, Zebra listened.  Introducing the new ultra-rugged DS3608-ER scanner from Zebra.  The only scanner designed to be virtually indestructible for the warehouse and manufacturing floor, it can survive multiple 8 foot drops.  Developed to scan any barcode in any condition, the DS3608 is dust-tight and waterproof. 

The Zebra DS3678-ER can scan 1D or 2D barcodes from 3 inches to 70 ft away, seamlessly making the transition from the picklist to the warehouse rack.  In addition, the DS3608-ER can scan up to 20 different kinds of barcodes simultaneously.  And for the first time in barcode scanner innovation, Zebra has given the DS3608-ER a battery “charge gauge” with a Bluetooth status LED light, so you can easily monitor your battery power and connectivity, in real time. 

With its extraordinary scanning range, and exceptional durability, the Zebra DS3608-ER can maximize productivity and accuracy from the first scan.

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