Wireless Site Surveys by Liberty Systems

Wireless Site Surveys by Liberty Systems

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As companies extend their networked infrastructure to include wireless networks, they need to thoroughly define how wireless technology will be utilized within their organization.

For most companies, Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN) must be more extensive than existing wired Local Area Network (LAN) to accomodate an equivalent level of data and provide continuous, clear and consistent signal coverage.

The primary objective of a Site Survey is to ensure that the WLAN does not experience drop-outs or black-spots, which could cause irreversable data loss and time lost by employees.

At Liberty Systems, we have a thorough understanding of the requirements needed to successfully deploy wireless technology solutions throughout your business. Our expertise evolves with every new development in cutting-edge technology, giving us the versatility to understand both the functionality and benefits of the technology itself, as well as how to integrate it into your enterprise so that you can quickly start earning your return on investment. Let us help put your wireless investment to work for you!

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