Teklogix 8515 G2

Teklogix 8515 G2

The 8515 offers unique, optional features such as Psion Teklogix Mobile Control Center (MCC), which enables the deployment and ongoing management of mobile devices and their peripherals remotely and securely. Equipped with a full PC style alphanumeric keyboard and 10 dedicated function keys, the 8515 allows for flexible and accurate data entry. The Teklogix 8515 ideal for forklift vehicles and trucks with limited mounting options. Your company can gain improved efficiencies with the versatile 8515.

The small vehicle mount computer provides top functionality whether it’s used:

  • in a forklift in a warehouse,
  • or in a port,
  • or as a stationary terminal on a fixed mount application

Teklogix Refurbished & Repair

Liberty Systems is a certified Teklogix Integrator. We offer a large inventory of NEW, NEW SURPLUS and REFURBISHED Teklogix products and DEPOT REPAIR SERVICES.

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