Symbol AP-5181 Access Point

Symbol AP-5181 Access Point

Brand: Symbol
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Superior Performance and Design

Provide employees with network access — even in harsh environments — with the Symbol AP-5181 access point. Designed for outdoor use, the AP-5181 delivers enterprise-class wireless networking to outdoor facilities, such as processing plants and ship yards.

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Motorola’s AP-5181 Access Point, specifically designed for outdoor use, delivers enterprise-class wireless networking in harsh environments. In addition to a NEMA 4X-modified housing, severeweather features include integrated lightning arrestors, surge protectors, extreme temperature range operation and an array of antenna and power accessories. The self-assembling, self-healing mesh capability supports Wi-Fi multimedia (WMM) extensions to ensure quality of service (QoS) while cost-effectively extending corporate networks beyond and between buildings — with no need to install additional Ethernet cable or fiber. With integrated router, firewall, DHCP, AAA and hotspot services, the AP-5181 offers a superior outdoor WLAN solution.

Use the Symbol AP-5181's wireless mesh feature to connect two wired networks or to create a complex multi-node, multi-link network. Either way, the AP-5181 offers a simple way to extend the network to outdoor or remote locations — without the expense of installing additional cable or fiber.

Secure dual-radio 802.11a/b/g Architecture

Available with either one or two dual-band radios, the AP-5181 offers the flexibility to best meet your wireless LAN networking and security needs. In the event you only need to support one band, the low-cost single radio version can be configured to support either 802.11a or 802.11b/g wireless networking. The dual radio version can be configured to support both 802.11a and 802.11b/g wireless networks - or single-band data services and full-band rogue AP detection services, providing an additional level of security through the instant discovery of any unauthorized users. And a complete suite of dual and single-band antennas provides the versatility to obtain radio coverage in nearly any environment, with a minimal number of access points.

Rugged mechanical design

Engineered for rugged durability, the AP-5181 can be utilized in nearly any location - from a retail store to a harsh industrial environment. A variety of options ensure fast, easy, and cost-efficient installation. The device can be mounted either above or below suspended-ceiling tiles without mounting hardware, on the wall or simply placed on a desk. And with support for standards-based 802.3af Power-over-Ethernet, the need to run power to the device - and the associated wiring costs - are eliminated.

Enterprise-class wired and wireless security

Compliance with industry standards provides enterprise level security for your wired and wireless devices, as well as information transmitted over the air and over the wire. Devices connected to the WLAN and wireless transmissions are secured via 80211i, Wi-Fi, WPA and WPA2 authentication. Wireless users moving throughout your facility enjoy secure fast roaming with Symbol's KeyGuard and Kerberos. Communications with the corporate remote network are secured through the VPN and support for the IPSec protocol and triple-DES encryption. And wired devices are secured through support for 802.1x.

Support for multimedia applications

From simple to real-time demanding rich multimedia applications, the AP-5181 delivers reliable performance. The Wi-Fi Multimedia (WMMT) standard for Quality of Service enables you to take advantage of low cost voice via Voice-over-IP, offer customers new services via a multi-media kiosk, enable employees to use video conferencing, and more.

Comprehensive remote management and monitoring

Symbol's Mobility Services Platform (MSP) delivers a new level of management simplicity and flexibility for the AP-5181. This powerful solution offers a centralized intuitive web-based interface for convenient anytime, anywhere management, enabling either local non-technical staff or the IT professional staff in your network operation center (NOC) to easily manage and monitor one or all AP-5181 Access Points. And Symbol Enterprise Mobility Services offers comprehensive support and technical expertise to design, deploy and maintain successful mobility solutions.

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