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As workers are more mobile than before, the ability to communicate between workers is an increasing need. Honeywell Smart Talk software enables employees to communicate with one another by equipping mobile devices with communication capabilities. Voice call, text, Push-to-Talk, video call or chat ‒ it’s all on the mobile device. This eliminates the need to supply and support consumer mobile phones, especially for works in the field. Plus, unlike other third-party communication apps, security is not a concern with Honeywell Smart Talk. Smart Talk has Secure TTP support to encrypt video and audio media streams, and encrypted voice and text messages. Smart Talk is compatible with any OS, any platform, and can be added to most devices. 

Smart Talk is designed for secure and easy integration into supply chains and distribution centers. Set up and manage Smart Talk from one central portal, then using your mobile device management (MDM) software, push Smart Talk out for rapid implementation. The full suite of communications supports multiple languages. Unify communications for supply chains, warehouses, distribution centers, and more by giving employees the ability to communicate at their fingertips.

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