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PSC PowerScan

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The PSC PowerScan scanner family of handheld laser bar code scanners has been specifically designed "from the ground up" to meet the demands of industrial users. In this tough environment, the right tool makes all the difference. With a PSC PowerScan scanner on the job, you'll have one of the toughest, most reliable tools around.

Superior Performance and Design

You can rely on the PowerScan scanner for fast, accurate bar code reading, from up close to over 65" (165cm) away. Even labels previously thought to be unreadable can now be read using PSC's new superior decoding software, QuadraLogicT. The scanner will auto-discriminate all standard bar code symbologies and automatically adjust to read a wide range of code densities.

Dependable In The Harshest Conditions

Even in the most harsh working environments, you can depend on the PowerScan scanner to keep on working. Designed to meet the most stringent drop specification in the industry, the scanner will withstand multiple 6' (183cm) drops to concrete.

Even dust and moisture won't faze it. In fact, the PowerScan scanner has a rating of IP54, which means it meets or exceeds the sealing rating of every portable host terminal on the market. And don't worry about weather conditions -- the PowerScan scanner operates over a wide temperature range, from below freezing to over 120°F (49°C).

Built Rugged To Stand Up To Abuse

As we all know, handheld scanners often are dropped and abused, so this scanner has been designed with high impact-resistant material and incorporates protective rubber cushioning at every point of impact. The frictionless scan mechanism, with a limited life-time warranty, and all internal optical components, are shock mounted to maintain precise alignment under high shock loads. The scan window is made of shatter-proof material and is diamond coated to resist scratching. Even the replaceable interface cable is protected with an integrated metal strain relief.

Innovative Host Connectivity

The PowerScan scanner also has a broad range of communication options using unique multi-interface modules, which allow for connection to most host computer systems. Our AutoSelectT feature allows you to quickly move between different hosts and applications by simply changing cables. Finally, PowerScan's low current draw, combined with its low power mode, make it ideal for use with battery operated terminals

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