Printek FormsPro 4500se

Printek FormsPro 4500se

The FormsPro Printek 4500 se Series printers can solve your toughest printing problems and automate most paper handling functions. With the FormsPro 4500se, and 4503se, you'll print with greater legibility and unsurpassed reliability.

Liberty Systems also offers toner, ribbons and repair for all Printek products. Please call 800-585-9030 or send us an email for more information.

Printek 4500 Highlights:

Tractor System.

The Printek FormsPro 4300 and 4500 have a single set of straight-up tractors; The FormsPro 4500 has the Tri-Trak system with three sets of straight-through tractors.

High Speed for High-Volume Printing.

With a draft speed up to 530 cps, FormsPro printers can print a typical 1,000 character document in less than five seconds. That's over 700 documents per hour!

Waste-Free - Zero Tear-Off.

After you tear off a form, the next is automatically positioned for printing.

Superior Legibility-Even on 9-Part Forms.

Auto-Gap feature automatically adjusts the printhead according to form thickness.

Trouble-Fee Forms Handling.

Printek's easy-Load tilt-up top simplifies loading, and straight-up paper path eliminates the problem of forms buckling and jamming. Paper jam sensor permits reliable, unattended operation.

Automatic Page Edge Sensor.

Optical sensor prevents printhead from printing beyond the edges of the loaded form.

Stores Parameters for Up to 10 Forms.

Spacing, margins, font, and 11 other parameters are set using four front panel buttons. Options are displayed on a 16-character LCD. Once you've set the parameters for a form, they can be stored and recalled at any time.

Ruggedly Built for Reliable Operation.

The Printek 4500 FormsPro printer isdesigned to withstand 100% duty cycles. The printhead carries a two-year limited warranty when used in combination with a Printek brand ribbon - longer than any printhead in the industry. A one year warranty is offered if a Printek brand ribbon is not used.

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