Meraki Aggregation Switch MS450-12

Meraki Aggregation Switch MS450-12

Aggregation Switch for Data Intense Networks

Brand: Meraki
SKU: MS450-12
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Meraki’s MS450-12 is the largest aggregation switch from Meraki. It has a vast 1.36 Tbps switching capacity and 400 Gbps of stacking bandwidth. It can even connect up to 12 MS355 access switches for high-bandwidth aggregation layer switching. 

The MS450-12 features 12 x 40G QSFP+ ports and two 100G QSFP28 uplinks. This layer 3 aggregation switch is typically placed in data-intense enterprises and campus networks that require a high-bandwidth. 

Like the Meraki access switches, the aggregation switches are also managed through Meraki’s web-based dashboard. The Meraki dashboard provides unified policies, event logs, and monitoring, which makes it easy to manage and scale large network deployments. It will notify you of problems and provide remote diagnostic features, such as network connectivity tests and cable integrity tests. Administrators have top-level visibility into the network while the dashboard helps them keep track of every configuration change in your network with detailed event and change logs. See individual devices or even individual user applications on the dashboard.

Lastly, the MS450-12 aggregation switch is simple to use and deploy. When deploying a new switch, simply plug it in and register its serial numbers within the system. The new switch self-configures and is ready to go. Each Meraki switch is “aware” of every other Meraki device on the network, so when a new switch is added the entire network self-optimizes automatically based on what’s installed. This makes Meraki’s MS450-12 aggregation switch one of the easiest to use and manage.

At a Glance Features

  • 1.36 Tbps switching capacity
  • 12 x 40G QSFP+ ports
  • 2 x 100G QSFP28 uplinks
  • 2 x 100G QSFP28 stacking ports
  • Layer 3

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