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Superior Performance and Design

The LXE VX6 terminals feature the Intel® XScale® processor and Microsoft® Windows® CE .NET operating system. Now you have the option to easily run CE .NET applications - not only on your handheld computers LXE VX6, but also on your vehicle-mount computers - greatly reducing user training time and support costs. The CE .NET architecture also provides a greater return on investment by enabling you to easily adopt future emerging technologies and applications.

LXE Refurbished & Repair

Liberty Systems is a certified LXE Integrator. We offer a large inventory of NEW, NEW SURPLUS and REFURBISHED LXE products and DEPOT REPAIR SERVICES.

Additionally, the VX6 & VX7 support LXE's RFTerm®multi-session terminal emulator, so you can simply and cost-effectively run legacy terminal emulation applications. Then, when the time is right to migrate your application to a Windows GUI or browser based design, there is no new hardware to buy.

Both units ship with high visibility, indoor or outdoor color displays which are easy to read in any lighting condition - making them perfect for use on fork trucks that travel from the freezer to the warehouse to the yard.

IT managers will find the light, lower profile, half-screen VX6 with its integrated keyboard, easy to mount on fork trucks. And, operators will appreciate how easy the VX6 is to use with its keyboard and screen being in close proximity. 

Both the VX6 and VX7 are available in "Low Temp" versions, which are specially designed for freezer and cold weather operations to -22 F. And, both are designed with a touch screen heater to remove unwanted fog or frost from the viewing area.

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