Intermec PM43c

Intermec PM43c

Compact Mid-Range Industrial Printer

Brand: Intermec
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Intermec’s 4-inch PM43c industrial printer is the compact version of the PM43. The PM43c is built with durability and exceptional performance in mind to withstand even toughest environments. Limited worker-training is required because of features like the options of an icon user interface or a large full-color, multilingual, tamper-proof touchscreen, plus the integrated web interface allows users to manage the printer quickly and efficiently. The PM43c is a fast, high-volume printer for deployment into existing Intermec or mixed-printer environments.

Built with a strong metal construction, the Intermec PM43c will withstand even the toughest printing environments. Choose from multiple dpi options: 203, 300, or 406. The 203/300 dpi have print speeds up to 300 mm/s (12 ips) and the 406 dpi has a print speed of 250 mm/s (10ips).  In addition, the PM43c also has comprehensive command language support, including ZSim2. 

Standard connectivity for the PM43c features Ethernet, RS-232, Serial Protocols, and USB ports. Wireless connectivity includes WiFi (IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n), Bluetooth. The PM43c is WiFi certified for Cisco (CCX v.4)Additional connection options include Parallel IEEE 1284, dual serial ports, and dual USB ports. Lastly, with Honeywell’s C# for Printers and Fingerprint, users are able to run apps, print labels, and even control other devices directly from the printers with the need for a connected PC.

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