Intermec 2425

Intermec 2425

The Intermec T2425 is the more ruggedized wireless model of the T2425 family handheld line of data collection terminals.

The Intermec T2425 is a cost-effective and reliable solution for collecting data in manufacturing, distribution and warehouse environments. An Intrinsically Safe model provides protection in hazardous areas containing gas, vapors and dust.

Intermec Refurbished & Repair

Liberty Systems is a certified Intermec Integrator. We offer a large inventory of NEW, NEW SURPLUS and REFURBISHED Intermec products and DEPOT REPAIR SERVICES. 

For fast and easy implementation, the T2425 integrates with common host environments using standard protocols. Configure the T2425 with TCP/IP for a direct connection to your Ethernet or Token Ring LAN or connect to Ethernet and IBM networks through the DCS 300 Server, which also provides guaranteed host connection and network management services. With a contoured shape and centered scan button, the T2425 is comfortable to use in either hand.

The large display provides enough space for menus, help screens or even graphics. It is tilted to improve readability while scanning, and the alphanumeric keyboard provides tactile feedback with the frequently used numeric keys oversized for easier input.

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