Industrial Tablets For The Warehouse

Industrial Tablets For The Warehouse

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Yes, there now exist rugged tablets that are well suited for the warehouse user.  However, over the past year, it was grown to be a very popular warehouse vehicle mounted computer.  One of its main use cases has been with SAP customers running ITSMobile.  The tablets also run standard terminal emulation (TE) for non-SAP users.  The mounting docks provide powered USB ports to connect a barcode scanner and keyboard.  If you are considering a tablet for the warehouse, leverage our experience.

With its large erray of mounting choices, lower cost tablets are now being mounted on forklifts (i.e. fork-trucks) and man-ups in the warehouse.  Mounting is available for brand names such as Toyota, Raymon, Hyster, and many others.

With the combination of a user removable battery and a hot swap expansion back battery that also charges the main battery, you will never need to remove the device from service just to change the battery.

Liberty Systems has implemented of number industrial tablets mounted on vehicle terminals.  If you need assistance or have questions, plesae contact us at 800-585-9030. 

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