Honeywell 8675i

Honeywell 8675i

Brand: Honeywell
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The Honeywell 8675i is a compact, rugged, and ergonomic wearable scanner made to increase scanning productivity. The 8675i has FlexRange technology that provides both short and long distance scanning (with the ability to reach upper racking) - something that could previously only be solved with bulkier, heavier handheld devices. The 8675i ensures a fast scanning response with a full range (near contact to 5ft to 33ft).

Honeywell has optimized the 8675i for ergonomics in all aspects. The height off the finger has been limited to prevent interference and user-contact surfaces are designed for comfort and simple use. The trigger ring configuration can be simply swapped from right to left hand and the finger strap buckle is low-profile (minimizing its interference between fingers) and easy to use as well. Workers can instantly convert the 8675i from ring to glove with no tools due to the adjustable strap glove.

Honeywell has kept in mind the needs of demanding workflows and has a multi-shift, easy to use battery. The battery can be simply replaced as it ages which gives the 8675i a longer service life. The 8675i has a robust tumble spec - 2,000 x ½ meter. It has IP65 sealing and can operate in temperatures from -4° to 122°F.  The 8675i has new outdoor aiming guides that give workers accurate barcode targeting in full daylight when laser aimers aren’t visible. Operational intelligence also makes monitoring, configuring, and managing devices simple.

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