DTG MP3000 Mobile Workstation

DTG MP3000 Mobile Workstation

Brand: DTG
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Safely mobilize all your critical technology with the DTG MP3000 Mobile Workstation. The DTG MP3000 is made to simplify every task, allowing your employees to process, receive, pick, pack, and ship multiple orders with fewer steps as well as allowing supervisors to be present on the floor and work with their staff. With the DTG MP3000, it will be much easier for your employees to organize shipments as they are received, locate items needed for order processing, and prepare those items for fulfillment. Because the DTG MP3000 can be moved to the point of activity, you can eliminate wasted movement and reduce worker fatigue - supporting your workers' needs and increasing productivity. The DTG MP3000 can be paired with swappable batteries to avoid downtime due to depleted batteries. 

The DTG MP300 has the lowest total cost of ownership and has a reduced materials handling cost. Moving with locking, and tracking nylon swivel casters, it is easy to configure, operate and maintain. You can customize it to meet your needs with attachment points for custom accessories. The DTG MP3000 allows you to mount your laptop or monitor and has a larger lower shelf for a printer. The DTG MP300 also has an adjustable keyboard and mouse tray and a work surface that can be adjusted for ease of use. Its all-metal construction gives the DTG durability for any of your needs. 

Used in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, hospitals, universities, and entertainment venues, DTG mobile workstations are extremely versatile. DTG has considered your operational efficiency, operator safety, and process improvement when designing this product and understands the necessity of each of these things. Dramatic improvements can be made by untethering powered technology. DTG has paired the most ground-breaking designs with the safest mobile power technology. 

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