Datamax I-4406/I-4604

Datamax I-4406/I-4604

When it comes to reliability, ease of use, maintenance, and high performance, there is just one choice - the Datamax I-4406/I-4604. It's the industry's answer to your high performance, high-resolution printing needs. The Datamax I-4406 and I-4604 printer are perfect for applications that demand printing very small labels, high-resolution graphics, or two-dimensional bar codes.

With a 406 dpi (16 dots/mm) printhead or 600 dpi (24 dots/mm), and the ability to accurately maintain print registration, the I-4406/I-4604 produces small labels for applications such as tracking small parts with high resolution bar code labels, printing high quality graphics for identifying wiring harnesses, cosmetic labels or adding an intricate Datamatrix, Aztec, or PDF-417 bar code label to a package.

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