Datamax I-4212a

Datamax I-4212a

Brand: Datamax-O’Neil
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The Datamax I-4208 thermal printer, a new offering in the Company's 2001 Class product line. The Datamax I-4208 prints at 8 ips, a 33 percent increase in speed over its parent printer and houses a revolving media supply hub, either 1.5" or 3" as a standard feature. Updated firmware makes this product the fastest in its class when using popular label design software packages, or Windows®-based graphics packages.

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A new class of price-performance

The DMX I4208 is designed for a wide variety of industrial applications, including asset tracking, documentation management, inventory control, order entry, product identification, shipping and receiving, and point-of-sale.

"The enhancements we've made to the new printer make this an outstanding value -- our customers are essentially getting a more powerful product with the 4208," stated Bill Nix, senior vice president, sales and marketing at Datamax. "Additionally, when compared along side competitive printers in the same class, the Datamax I-4208 excels in every aspect of value, performance and speed."

Available in direct thermal and thermal transfer configurations, the DMX-I-4208 is capable of producing a 203-dpi, four-inch wide image at 8 inches per second and supports all popular linear and two-dimensional bar code symbologies. The system features a 32-bit Motorola Coldfire™ processor and revamped firmware, eight MB of addressable RAM, and an IEEE 1284-compliant parallel interface that supports both bi-directional parallel and Ethernet connections.

As with the previous I-Class products, the Datamax I-4208 is constructed of precision die-cast aluminum, and incorporates a modular design that greatly simplifies operation, maintenance, and upgrades. To simplify the addition or removal of components, uniform screws are used throughout the printer. Additionally, the DMX-I-4208 incorporates a variety of user-friendly features including color-coded operator prompts, a wide-access printhead for easy media loading and printhead cleaning, and a front-panel multi-language LCD that simplifies printer set-up and configuration.

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