Zebra ET40 vs ET51 Tablets: A Detailed Comparison

Are you in the process of purchasing tablets for your manufacturing facility or distribution center? If so, you've likely stumbled across two of the most popular warehouse tablets, the Zebra ET40 and the ET51. In this article and video, we'll provide a comprehensive comparison with the aim of showcasing distinctive features, advantages, and their suitability for your needs.

Shared Features between the ET40 and ET51

Despite their differences, the Zebra ET40 and ET51 share a handful of useful features:

  1. Camera: Both models come equipped with front and rear-facing cameras, proving handy if your workflow requires taking pictures.
  2. Display: Both tablets are available in 8 and 10-inch display variants.
  3. Accessories: Comparable rugged frames, hand straps, and expansion backs are available for both models.
  4. Connectivity: Both models offer WAN for LTE and WLAN.
  5. Zebra's Ecosystem and Mobility DNA: These include Zebra's suite of applications like StageNow for configuring devices and lockdown screen options.

Key Differences

Despite the similarities, several key differences exist between these two tablets, mainly in their internal components and physical characteristics.

Internal Components

  1. Operating System: The ET40 is Android only, while the ET51 offers Windows 10 as an option.
  2. Connectivity: The ET40 is Wi-Fi 6 and 5G capable, whereas the ET51 lacks this capability.
  3. Battery Life: The ET40 boasts an 11-hour battery life compared to the ET51's 8-hour life with a standard battery. Extended battery options are available for both.

Physical Characteristics

  1. Drop Spec: The ET40 has a higher drop spec at about 4 feet compared to the ET51's 3.3 feet. However, both devices can be fitted with a rubber boot to increase their drop specs.
  2. Scanners: The ET40 has both standard and long-range scanners, while the ET51 only offers a standard-range scanner.
  3. Scanning Orientation: The ET40 requires portrait mode for scanning, with its scan beam at the top of the device. The ET51, on the other hand, can be used in landscape mode.

Choosing Between the Two

Here are some considerations that might influence your choice:

  1. If you require Windows 10 (such as SAP users), the ET51 is your only option.
  2. If you prefer a larger 10-inch screen with an integrated scanner, consider the ET40.
  3. If you need a long-range scan engine (for scanning tops of racks or location placards), the ET40 is the superior option.
  4. For use on a forklift, we recommend the ET51.
  5. If you're considering consumer-grade devices like an iPad or a Samsung tablet, the ET51 might be a better fit due to its similar features. However, the ET40 is a strong competitor at a lower price point.

We hope this detailed comparison between the Zebra ET40 and the ET51 tablets provides the guidance you need to make an informed decision. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at Liberty Systems. We'd be more than happy to assist in finding the best tablet for your organization's needs.