Transform Your Warehouse with AccuSpeechMobile’s Voice Technology

Voice technology promises big advances for warehouse efficiency, but many legacy solutions fall short with expensive servers, heavy customization, and vendor lock-in. As Bob Bova, President of AccuSpeechMobile, explained in a recent interview with Liberty Systems, their mobile-first voice platform avoids these pitfalls through device-based voice automation that’s flexible, affordable, and quick to deploy.

Move Voice Capabilities to Workers' Existing Devices

By moving voice capabilities directly onto the mobile devices workers already use daily, AccuSpeechMobile's software integrates seamlessly without costly add-ons. Workers gain reliable voice automation everywhere they go thanks to on-device processing.

“The whole idea is to make it flexible and fast so that customers can utilize voice the way they want to,” said Bova. This agility drives value in diverse workflows like picking, put away, shipping, receiving, inventory management, and more.

Streamline Warehouse Processes Through Voice

By integrating with existing warehouse management software, necessary data populates automatically in the background to further simplify voice processes.

"If I say replenishment automatically the barcode scan and the location scan that I've already done for where I am automatically gets populated into the replenishment screen that opens automatically all the data that I already have is populated," Bova explained.

This automation also translates to value in unexpected areas like receiving, where voice can guide workers through repetitive data entry. Through customizable conversational interfaces, AccuSpeechMobile's platform can enhance virtually any workflow.

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Achieve Rapid Return on Investment

Bova also highlighted AccuSpeechMobile’s rapid return on investment resulting from easy deployment. “We’re such a cost effective solution to begin with that we’ve never really had an ROI more than than 10 months,” he stated.

Their on-site demos prove this out by showing the technology running live in just 1-2 days. By integrating with existing infrastructure instead of requiring proprietary hardware, deployment is quick and affordable.

Get Started with an Expert Evaluation

If you’re exploring innovative ways to gain a competitive edge through optimized warehouse workflows, connect with Liberty Systems to learn more about leveraging AccuSpeechMobile’s adaptable voice solutions.

With the right guidance assessing your goals, environment, and use cases, voice technology could quickly take your DC’s productivity and accuracy to the next level. Let our team help determine if it's the right fit.