Quality Matters: Investing in Best-in-Class Print Supplies

Running a smooth warehouse operation relies on quality printing supplies - it's that simple. As a Zebra partner, we are excited to introduce a three-part series focused on printer performance for warehouses and the importance of industrial-grade supplies.

Why Premium Print Supplies Are Worth It

High-end printing materials might carry a higher price tag, but they pay dividends when it comes to efficiency and costs. Here are four reasons why:

For one, good supplies mean better consistency. You'll deal with fewer printer jams, spend less time on calibrations, and need way fewer calls to the IT department to get things running again. That means faster operations and less downtime - crucial for fast-paced distribution centers.

You'll also extend the usable lifespan of those expensive Zebra printers. Quality labels and ribbons are designed specifically to work with different printer models without wearing down parts unnecessarily. That equals major savings when you consider repair and replacement costs.

Additionally, supply quality leads directly to labeling accuracy - and that means better warehouse management. Crisp, scannable barcodes and legible labels keep inventory precise, prevent mis-shipments, and smooth workflow. No operation can afford mistakes due to poorly printed labels.

Lastly, using high-grade materials drives down waste and saves hard dollars. Fewer print errors means less rework, fewer canceled jobs, and lower labor costs. In a busy warehouse, redoing a 500-label batch gets old really fast. Better to do it right the first time.

Why Zebra is the Right Choice for Quality Print Supplies

Among industrial printer companies, Zebra Technologies stands at the front of the pack when it comes to supply quality and reliability. There are a few key reasons this brand should be on every warehouse operator's radar.

  1. They have ultra-rigorous quality control checks. Zebra printers undergo a 23-point inspection process that meets the ISO 9001:2008 standard - quite a mouthful, but it means their procedures are air-tight. They examine materials at all stages - from the raw ingredients to finished products - before anything gets the Zebra seal of approval.
  2. The brand tests finished supplies extensively with over 26 different performance checks. These assess critical factors like print resolution, impacts on printer parts, and real-world usefulness for warehouses. This level of scrutiny means users can count on consistent output across diverse applications.
  3. Zebra takes optimization seriously when engineering printing materials. The inks, varnishes and substrates are all designed to complement Zebra's thermal printer models at a component level. That translates to seamless integration and smooth sailing during heavy-duty daily operation.

This level of extreme testing produces consistent quality levels, and it has earned our vote of approval. It’s one of the many reasons why Liberty Systems continues to partner with Zebra for warehouse media supplies.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact us today. Also, be sure to check out Zebra’s Printhead Protection program, which provides participants free industrial printer printheads.