Modernize the Warehouse with StayLinked’s SmartTE

SmartTE from StayLinked modernizes legacy terminal emulation (TE) technology to boost productivity. This article explores how it persists connections, simplifies management, delivers modern UIs, and supports any device.

Never Lose Your Session

One of SmartTE's biggest benefits is session persistence. With typical terminal emulation software, dropped connections force users to completely restart their session. All progress is lost.

With SmartTE, the session state and data persists on StayLinked's servers, not the device itself. So workers can temporarily lose their Wi-Fi or cellular signal, then instantly resume where they left off once reconnected. No more wasted time re-establishing sessions.

Configure Once, Deploy Everywhere

Changing hosts, parameters, and configurations for terminal emulation often requires touching each individual device. This grows time-consuming at scale.

SmartTE streamlines device management via its centralized console. IT can push out updates to the entire fleet from one portal. Devices auto-sync settings on next connection. No more manually applying configurations across the board.

Modern Touchscreen Experience

Terminal emulation traditionally relies on keyboard input and text-heavy green screen interfaces. This slows data entry and interpretation on modern touchscreen devices.

With SmartTE, companies can transform legacy interfaces into intuitive, graphical touchscreens. Icons, buttons, and swipes replace complex key commands and dense text displays. This optimizes UX for modern mobile workers without migrating backend systems.

Use Any Device

Thanks to its flexible architecture, SmartTE supports modern mobile devices from consumer smartphones to rugged warehouse tools like the Zebra ET40 or Honeywell CT40. Workers can mix and match form factors across the operation.

Boosting Productivity

Together, these capabilities add up to a major productivity accelerator for any warehouse still relying on terminal emulation. By persistently retaining sessions across networks, simplifying IT management, delivering intuitive interfaces, and supporting any device, SmartTE reduces wasted time and friction for workers.

Is your warehouse ready to unlock the benefits of SmartTE? Contact the team at Liberty Systems to discuss modernizing your workflows. We can implement SmartTE and optimize your mobility strategy.