Honeywell CK65 vs Intermec CK3X: A Deep Dive

If you're on the hunt for a handheld computer that can help streamline your warehousing or distribution operations, you've likely come across two popular devices: the Honeywell CK65 and the Intermec CK3X. In this article, we'll compare these two devices, discuss their shared features and key differences, and help you understand why you might consider upgrading. (This comparison is also applicable to anyone using the older Intermec CK71 or CK75.)

Similar Features Between the CK65 and CK3X

Despite their differences, the CK65 and CK3X share several noteworthy features:

  1. Form Factor: Both devices have a nearly identical form factor, which makes transitioning from the CK3X to the CK65 seamless.
  2. Keypad Layout: The layouts are very similar, with the CK65 offering a few more keypad options if you have a specific need.
  3. Terminal Emulation: Both devices come pre-licensed with terminal emulation, simplifying your deployment.
  4. Accessory Compatibility: The CK65 is backward compatible with CK3X accessories, including pistol grips, chargers, and holsters.

Key Differences

While the similarities between the CK65 and CK3X make transitioning easy, several key differences might make the CK65 more appealing to your organization.

Physical Characteristics:

  1. Screen Size: The CK65 sports a larger 4-inch screen, a noticeable upgrade from the CK3X's screen.
  2. Touchscreen Type: The CK65 features a modern touchscreen, enhancing the user experience.
  3. Drop Spec: The CK65 offers an impressive 10-foot drop spec, doubling the CK3X's 5-foot spec.
  4. Freezer Model: Unlike the CK3X, the CK65 has a model designed for freezer environments.

Internal Components:

  1. Operating System: The CK65 runs on Android, while the CK3X uses Windows Mobile.
  2. Management Tools: The CK65's Android operating system comes with Honeywell's Mobility Edge for easy deployment and management.
  3. Scan Engines: The CK65 boasts an XLR scan engine that supports scanning distances of up to 80 feet, an improvement over the CK3X's 60-foot range.
  4. Wireless Antennas: The CK65 houses up-to-date wireless antennas, promising better coverage, better roaming, and a superior network experience.
  5. Battery Life: The CK65 has an impressive 28-hour battery life, a significant upgrade over the CK3X's 12 to 14-hour lifespan.

Upgrade Considerations

If you're considering upgrading from the CK3X to the CK65, there are two major considerations:

  1. Operating System: The CK3X's Windows Mobile operating system is no longer supported by Microsoft, which means no more security updates. If you want to keep your devices secure and up-to-date, consider upgrading to the CK65 with its Android operating system.
  2. Ease of Setup: The CK65's Mobility Edge can save your IT team a lot of time during device setup. You can quickly and wirelessly download applications and lock down the device with just a barcode scan.

Final Thoughts

We hope this comparison of the Honeywell CK65 and the Intermec CK3X has given you the insight you need to make an informed decision. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact us at Liberty Systems. We're more than ready to help you find the best handheld computer for your organization's needs.