Boost Warehouse Productivity with NewCastle Mobile Powered Workstations

Mobile powered workstations offer transformative benefits for warehouse operations. By incorporating rugged carts like the NB series from Newcastle, workers gain mobility and efficiency. Key advantages include eliminating unnecessary footsteps, minimizing labeling errors, boosting picking speed and accuracy, enhancing inventory visibility and traceability, empowering staff, and standardizing best practices. With an average ROI of just 6 months, it’s easy to see why more organizations are embracing mobile workstations to drive productivity and precision on the warehouse floor.

Eliminate Unnecessary Footsteps

One major advantage of a powered workstation is the ability to eliminate excessive walking. Workers can simply wheel the cart to the needed area instead of traveling back and forth.

For example, when receiving inventory, the worker can print labels and relabel pallets immediately instead of taking multiple trips to an industrial printer across the warehouse. This avoids wasted movement and enables the worker to complete receiving faster.

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Reduce Labeling Errors

In addition, mobile workstations reduce mislabeled inventory by allowing barcode labeling at the point of activity. Rather than printing multiple labels and applying them later, which allows errors to occur, the worker has the printer handy to label items on the spot. Customers have reported decreasing labeling errors by up to 90% when utilizing mobile powered workstations.

Boost Picking Speed and Accuracy

The combination of reduced footsteps and real-time labeling adds up to a 30% increase in picking speed. Workers aren’t exhausted from walking miles a day and can swiftly move through picks with maximum precision thanks to on-the-go barcode scanning and labeling capabilities.

Enhance Visibility and Traceability

Incorporating mobile carts also improves inventory visibility and traceability. Workers can scan barcodes and print labels immediately when handling items instead of waiting until later. This enables your WMS to capture real-time data on inventory movement throughout your facility.

Empower an Agile Workforce

Furthermore, powered industrial workstations create an agile, empowered workforce. Employees can access critical information and perform key tasks wherever needed instead of being confined to certain areas. This boosts autonomy, engagement and productivity.

Standardize Work Processes

Mobile workstations additionally enable organizations to standardize workflows. No matter the worker's role or experience level, they can follow optimized procedures facilitated by the mobile cart. This drives consistency across shifts and staff.

Rapid Return on Investment

With sizable improvements in worker productivity, accuracy, visibility and more, many customers achieve complete ROI in 6 months or less after deploying mobile workstations. The rugged carts from Newcastle withstand harsh warehouse conditions while powering essential peripherals like Zebra barcode scanners, printers and computers up to 12 hours.

Transform Your Operations

If you’re interested in learning more about upgrading your warehouse with mobile powered workstations, contact us today. Our team can help assess your environment and create a customized solution to take productivity and accuracy to the next level.