5 Reasons to Use Certified Zebra Supplies for Your Printers

If you utilize Zebra printers in your warehouse or manufacturing facility, you likely go through a substantial amount of labels, tags, and ribbons. But not all supplies are created equal. There are compelling reasons to use certified Zebra supplies over third party or generic alternatives. Here are five benefits you’ll realize by using Zebra-brand consumables:

  1. Consistent Quality - Zebra rigorously tests their supplies with thousands of printers to ensure consistent, high-quality output. You can trust Zebra-brand supplies will work flawlessly with your printers every time.
  2. Durable Materials - Zebra labels and ribbons feature durable synthetics and adhesives to withstand harsh conditions like moisture, abrasion, and varying temperatures. They are designed for industrial environments.
  3. RFID Capability - Many Zebra supplies are RFID-enabled right out of the box, allowing you to print RFID labels and tags without needing different stock. This flexibility enables RFID adoption as needed.
  4. Industry Leader - With many years producing industrial printers and supplies, Zebra is a trusted, leading brand. You’ll benefit from unmatched quality, support, and continuous innovation.
  5. Free Printhead Replacement - Exclusively using Zebra supplies in your Zebra printers qualifies you for Zebra's free printhead replacement program. This provides free printhead replacements and avoids downtime and costs if a printhead fails.

Zebra's printhead replacement program can save warehouses thousands in printhead expenses over the lifespan of your printers. By using genuine Zebra supplies, you'll maintain peak printer performance while minimizing total cost of ownership.

How Zebra's Free Printhead Replacement Program Works

The Zebra Printhead Protection Program makes it simple to get free replacements:

  • Contact us to enroll in Zebra's Printhead Replacement Program 
  • Use Zebra Certified Supplies designed specifically for your printer models
  • When you need a replacement printhead, contact Liberty Systems for order details
  • Zebra will rapidly ship a replacment free of charge

By reducing printhead costs and minimizing printer downtime, the program provides major cost savings.

Get Started with Free Printheads

To learn more about qualifying for Zebra's free printhead replacement program, contact the experts at Liberty Systems today. We can advise you on the best Zebra supplies and walk through getting started with the printhead protection program.